Clovis Community College | Social Media Marketing

In order to improve student communication and overall outreach and awareness, Clovis Community College opted for a custom-built social media marketing program. The primary focus of this program is in strategically crafting social media advertising to reach new potential students and also generate increased awareness of campus events, opportunities, and college culture.  Our custom program enables this innovative community college to reach more locals with Facebook advertising and organic social media communication at far less expense than a typical direct mail or printed advertising program. In fact, we were able to reach over 30,000 warm targets resulting in over 596 clicks to their website for Extreme Registration within just a few short days of promotion! It's hard to beat the data tracking that social media advertising delivers to any marketing initiative.

Project Details

  • Strategy & Creative : Chris & Shel Moore
  • Project: Social Media, Design, & Copywriting
  • Client: Clovis Community College

More about this social media marketing program:

Today’s college students are very active on social media. It’s important to reach this target audience exactly where they hang out and that’s exactly what Moore Than SEO is executing for Clovis Community College. Now, students are well informed about upcoming events, opportunities, and more – and they are sharing and talking about these benefits with others, exponentially increasing awareness of this wonderful local college.