Is Your Company Active on Twitter?

If Not, Here’s What You May Be Missing!

Is your business active on Twitter? Do you feel overwhelmed by the unique communication style of the Twitterverse? Twitter offers much more than connections with celebrities and preferred entertainment – it’s a continuous resource of trending topics, prospecting, and even market research. Here’s how today’s businesses can capitalize on this unique and savvy form of social media.

Relationship building is the primary purpose of many Twitter users, in fact, this reason is key for individuals and companies on this popular social network. There are a number of ways to orchestrate this type of growth, however, it takes a bit of finesse to nurture an ever-growing group of followers and this requires more than simply “tweeting” for success.

It all starts with a firm understanding of one’s target audience needs and pain points. If you’re not sure who your target customer is, you may benefit from reading more about defining your target audience in our article posted here.  Once you truly understand your audience, you’re ready to begin maximizing your Twitter potential. To begin, we often recommend that a business search for relevant account holders fitting their ideal prospecting persona. It’s easy to perform searches in Twitter by either using the search function at the top navigation bar – or even using the advanced search feature. When you find a Twitter account that fits your target audience criteria, reach out and become a follower. Quite often, your account will also be followed by the same profile.

Many companies also use Twitter to complete some basic market research and learn more about their prospective customers. It’s easy to search by hashtags (simple phrases preceded by the # symbol) and even locations for effective narrowing down of potential followers to target. In Twitter, it’s all about who a business follows, retweets, and what they promote in the feed. If a company offers a continuous stream of meaningful content, they will be more valued than those posting one-sided and less helpful tweets. Additionally, our team recommends the addition of photos/videos and links for a more appealing communication feed.

Contact us for assistance in developing your own well-rounded social media program. We develop custom programs for every client and are well-versed in advanced promotion tactics on all the most popular social networks. We can help you to create a sustainable content development schedule that delivers value-added benefits to your followers and prospective clients, while also fueling increased awareness and visitors for your business website. Contact us at Moore Than SEO to understand how social marketing can benefit your business ROI substantially.