Penalized by Google?

Is your website vulnerable to recent Google Penguin, Panda, or Hummingbird updates? Would you like to learn how to strengthen your site against future update penalties? There are many common problems we’ve noticed in the majority of websites that suffered penalties after recent Google algorithm updates. These range from a website being suspected of possessing low quality content or not enough content to websites guilty of possessing external/internal links to poor quality websites, pages, and more.

There have been a long list of updates applied by Google in the past year, and certainly, you don’t want your website to become another casualty in this SEO battle due to a Google penalty. Many changes to Google’s algorithm have forever changed the business model of effective, performance-driven SEO. We believe that leading search engine optimization companies must transform with the changing landscape or be left in the dust. We’re already a few steps ahead of the competition because our experiences are deeply rooted in traditional marketing communications.

Google Before and After Updates
Differences between SEO in 2013 before and after Google updates with best practices for 2014.

There are many online resources available to determine the overall health of a website in question. Our articles will explore some of these methods while offering suggestions to re-establishing good health to any website that has been penalized by recent Google updates. Of course, this is an area of expertise that our team is especially talented at, but we don’t mind sharing how we think. Everything we share helps you to understand how diligently we work, how thoroughly we develop our marketing strategies, and how well we understand the business of search engine optimization.

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