Using Pinterest to Increase Brand Awareness, Website Traffic, and Social Klout

Are you a Pinterest power user that’s never considered this social media network for your business? Perhaps you’re a newbie struggling to understand the benefits of this platform? Whether Pinterest is old hat or brand new, there’s good information on this page designed to provide you with a number of reasons why your business needs to have a business page.

Let’s begin with the fact that Pinterest has become the fastest growing social media network around. Although it’s predominantly women using this platform, more men are seeing the benefits of this unique visual network for both personal and business use. Creative companies gain valuable mind share on Pinterest and even increase website visitors from target audiences.

The basic concept behind Pinterest is focused on the development of a collection of pinboards, similar to old-fashioned bulletin boards, where related content, links, and information can be “pinned” for future reference. A user or business can possess an infinite number of pinboards on a ever-growing array of topics. These boards are interesting to other Pinterest users and may be followed for updates on new pin additions throughout a user’s individual news feed. The more diverse and interesting a board, the more likely it will become followed.

The business uses of Pinterest marketing are varied and provide a unique outlet for sharing relevant information. Creative companies have even introduced collaborative pinboards into their business process – providing a unique and effective means of sharing visual information with clients and prospects. Real estate agents use Pinterest to feature various properties by style, neighborhood, and other categories. In fact, even many industrial manufacturers are beginning to take advantage of this platform to display an array of solutions, products, and informational resources. Whether or not your website contains a large amount of visual content, it’s possible to take advantage of this growing network. It’s easy to create relevant content that appeals to target audiences, then simply upload these images to create a new pin featured on a business account.

Uploading pins is not the only way users engage on Pinterest. Many also share and re-pin relevant content from other businesses and users. It’s also possible to email pin boards, collaborate with others, and even comment or favorite preferred items. This social media network is also valuable for cross-promotion of alternative social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and even YouTube.

If you’re interested in exploring the many benefits of Pinterest for your business, begin by creating a user account and start exploring your own interests on this visual network. When you’re ready, give us a call to discuss strategies to develop your own custom social media management program and learn how to truly connect with your target audience exactly where they hang out online.