SEO for Crafters? Tips for Selling on Etsy

Have you recently launched a craft business on Etsy? Are you looking for ways to increase sales, social sharing, and general awareness? There are some things you can start to do right now that may give your business a BIG advantage. Here is our list of the top five SEO tips for better selling on Etsy.

1. Take advantage of social media. Create a business Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter profile, and Pinterest account at the bare minimum. Deck these accounts out with good details about your wares, crafty skills, and unique appeal. Make custom cover art for each account and commit to active online participation in all accounts. Once you complete #2, you’ll want to come back to these accounts to include a few good keywords in your About Us text, postings, and pins – don’t overdo it, just work them in naturally where it makes sense.

2. Keyword research never hurts. Although it’s true that the mythical days of keyword ranking power are becoming water under the web marketer’s bridge, there is still value to understanding Google search volumes and competition. Check out the Google Keyword Planner – don’t be afraid. It won’t bite! Just start by clicking on the second option, “Get search volume for a list of keywords…” and begin typing your ideas. Next click, “Get search volume.” The tool will display the keyword phrases with results showing average monthly searches and competition levels. This will help you to better understand how your customers are searching for various goods online. If you don’t see results for a keyword idea – then skip over it because that means there are little to no searches for a given phrase. Create a list of 5-10 good keywords that have promising search traffic potential with lower competition and use these terms in your marketing messages.

2. Consider starting a WordPress blog. A blog is a wonderful venue to promote your unique craft while engaging in building a lasting relationship with online followers. There is so much you can do on a blog – offer tips and how to articles, share photos of projects, critique or review tools of your trade, etc. Link your blog to your Etsy shop and install the Etsy Shop Plugin. Post regularly and often for the most success. Share postings on your social media accounts – don’t forget to make your pages Pinnable if you want to capture the positive traffic flow from Pinterest.

3. Get actively involved in Pinterest marketing. Why do you think our marketing firm is so interested in Pinterest? It’s because we’ve directly experienced some of the benefits this social platform has to offer – from creating private boards to brainstorm concepts with clients to sharing clever internet marketing tips, and uniquely promoting our website content – we’re in love with this marketing channel! Make boards that naturally include some of your prime keywords for SEO best practices. Include pins from others with your own relevant pins. Follow others and commit to regular “pinning” time each week. With enough care, you’ll see your incoming social traffic grow.

4. Network with other crafters. Join related forums and discussion boards. Get involved in Facebook groups or online communities and share your experiences. Include links to your blog and Etsy shop within your profile signature to expand your brand’s awareness. Participate in local events too. These offer great potential for meeting both customers and professionals in your realm of business.

5. Continuously expand your reach. Keep expanding your marketing reach – blogging and pinning, sharing good posts or project photos on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, even try becoming a writer for,, or to gain increased exposure. Just 1-2 meaningful and well-placed articles a month could really provide a boost to your brand’s online clout while opening new venues for promotional efforts.

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