Technical Marketing that Speaks Your Clients’ Language

Marketing to the tech world requires an astute understanding of the subject at hand and the ability to convey concepts clearly to clients and customers. Tech marketing requires the savvy knowledge of where your target audience can be found on the Internet and beyond, creating copy and graphics that attract them to your services, your product, and your brand.

Not every marketing team is capable of executing successful, custom-fit, marketing campaigns for the technical sector. Not so here at Moore Than SEO. We’re eager to learn about what makes your products and services tick, and then get the word out.

Our team of experts has the combined experience to understand complex subjects, industrial manufacturing, high-tech software and hardware, and numerous tech industry topics. We use high-tech strategies for marketing in the high-tech world. From the start, we’ll assess your present website, social media marketing, and offline advertising and PR to provide an effective marketing plan to meet and exceed your goals.

We offer the following services to take your tech business to the next level:


  • Website creation and optimization

    We’ll create the META and keywords data for outdoing your competition on Google and all major search engines. Our in-house technical writing is original and interesting for even the most complex subjects—No worries of Google penalties for duplicate copy.

  • Social media posts for the tech world

    We’ll find your niche audience and create posts that draw them to your website, blog, and events. Partner with us for a strategically written Facebook business page and LinkedIn profile to enhance your company’s reputation exponentially.

  • Beyond the Internet

    We’ll create graphics and tech copy for brochures, manuals, and white papers. Let us design your trade show booth and event marketing plans. The sky’s the limit!

Check out our technical marketing experience, and then contact us for a FREE assessment of your website’s performance—Find out how your online presence stacks up against your competitors. Then, we’ll provide you with a customized marketing program to fit your specific goals and budget. We’re looking forward to hearing from you: (559) 978-4096.

Technical marketing that communicates smartly with your audience—
That’s what we do here at Moore Than SEO.

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