Why Should I Care About Social Media?

We encounter a broad range of businesses everyday – some that understand the importance of social media and some that don’t. After a grueling week of old-school sales here is our shortlist of good reasons to care about social media when promoting your small business.

1. Social media networks offer a free promotional resource. Many businesses take the time to register on a variety of popular business directories (Yelp, Yellow Pages, Manta, etc.), but don’t always take the time to set up profiles and business pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. If you skip these important networks, you’re missing out on a very large audience.

2. Engagement on social media offers a growing opportunity to establish connections and relationships with potential and current customers. It enables a platform for inexpensive research with target audiences by way of social discussions, surveys, and more.

3. Social media provides a means for up-to-the-minute broadcasts of special promotions and offers. It’s perfect for promotion of last minute, or I just signed up, events. Get the word out within minutes and even generate engagement and interest in the process. Tie all your communications in with social media channels and boost your brand awareness exponentially.

4. Social media strengthens existing connections as well as forges new networking and co-marketing opportunities. Brainstorm together with other local business owners and see what types of promotions you can work together to co-host. Think both online and on-ground for maximum creativity and effectiveness.

5. Consistent social media participation and fan engagement pay great dividends when it comes to website quality and ranking potential. The more companies you have engaging with your social pages, the better your site’s quality metrics score in terms of Google’s overall quality perception.

f you’re ready to formulate a plan for improving or starting your business’ social media communication, contact us to see how we can help. Every program we develop is personally crafted to fit your unique business needs, clientele, and goals. You can have a dedicated team of marketing experts working for you each month – for far, far less than the average full-time (min. wage) employee. Call us to discuss ways we can help at 559-978-4096.

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