The Anatomy & Purpose of a Blog Hop Event

If you’re a crafter that’s into digital scrapbooking, then you’ve likely taken part in one of the many blog hop events that are hosted by leading online shops such as ScrapGirls, Sweet Shoppe Designs, or even Gotta Pixel. If you’ve never heard of such a concept then stand by, because this is worth learning more about!

The concept of a blog hop as a marketing event provides a fun environment for website, blog, and social media followers that fosters gains in terms of social media page likes/shares, increased brand awareness, and may ultimately improve website sales. This is an ingenious strategy for social media marketing and one that may be applied to many different business with a bit of creativity.

The way the concept of a blog hop works involves the use of custom tabs on Facebook business pages. Each participating business offers some kind of exclusive content on their Facebook page. This content is structured using a Like-Gate requiring page visitors to “Like” the business page in exchange for access to the special content. Here is an example created for Digital Scrapbooking Day in 2012. It’s a bit outdated, but still shows a good example of how a blog hop can be presented without too much complexity.

Start by collaborating with relevant businesses within your niche area of focus. Determine what exclusive content will be offered by each participant in a scheduled blog hop event. This is where creativity really comes into play. If you’re a paper crafter, you may wish to offer a special discount, downloadable cut files (For customer’s DIY projects involving a Cricut or Silhouette), printable designs or stamps, etc.

If you are the owner of a brick and mortar store, you may wish to collaborate with surrounding storefronts to host your own special event that ties in exclusive coupons or deals into social media sharing and participation. Perhaps you’re a florist that shares a street with a baker, seamstress, or stationary store. Get together and brainstorm your own event, perhaps a Springtime Wedding Fair that takes place at your physical locations and on your social media pages. Offer special discounts, combination promotions, and even downloadable guides in exchange for Facebook likes, shares, and reviews as well as Twitter mentions.

Are you a business to business marketer? Discuss potential content ideas with business associates, colleagues, and industry partners. Craft your own industry event that uses this concept, but offers meaningful content (free assessments, white papers, how to guides, etc.) to your unique niche. You’ll gain valuable social media followers and website traffic while spreading increased awareness of your brand and build positive associations with OEMs, distributors, and resellers.

Crafters may not know the in’s and out’s of SEO or social marketing, but they’ve cornered the area of infusing promotion efforts with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking! There is much a typical business owner may learn about the creativity of this inspirational group of marketers. Consider the benefits of developing your own blog or website hop and reach out to relevant collaborators. Remember, that we are here to help with all of your social media marketing needs. Contact us to develop a custom program designed to promote increased brand awareness and website traffic for your business today.

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