Integrated Marketing

Why Integrated Marketing Offers An Advantage?

Integrated marketing is an approach that consistently promotes brand messaging across diverse marketing channels. Introduced in the 20th century, this method of marketing has been extremely successful in generating increased awareness, gaining positioning against competitors, and increasing a company’s thought leadership as well as profits long term. Integrated marketing messages are fine-tuned to a company’s target audiences ensuring that pain points, values, and goals are satisfied with appealing and engaging content – no matter what the channel of communication.

At Moore Than SEO, we believe that an integrated marketing approach offers a range of substantial advantages. This type of thinking helps to align any company’s marketing programs in a manner that maximizes their return on investment while ensuring they promote their identity consistently and in a way that truly connects with target audiences from various market segments. We apply this approach to one-off design projects, website development, social media engagement, and even natural search engine optimization services.

For example, an integrated marketing strategy that’s created to launch a new organic landscaping business may include tactics like:

  • Networking opportunities with the local Chamber of Commerce
  • A “Go Green” icon used as a branding element on digital and print communications
  • E-newsletter announcing benefits of organic landscaping with tips for DIY lawn care
  • Facebook business page campaign that includes a “Like Gate” tab with downloadable coupon
  • Green flyers for residential delivery in targeted neighborhoods
  • Pinterest profile with useful pin boards detailing green lawn care techniques, landscaping tricks, and even DIY projects
  • Plantable business cards made with seed paper
  • Direct mail postcard campaign to relevant prospects
  • Podcast series of weekend projects and problem-solving topics
  • Real Estate partnership program for improved yard-appeal
  • Informative website to act as a primary hub for pushing out all communications
  • Advertising and promoting organic landscaping services in affordable print resources (High School sports program/restaurant menu ads), social media, and relevant local events
  • Natural search engine optimization services to identify subjects of interest, search appeal, and increase overall website quality and performance.

The tactics suggested in the above example only scratch the surface of the depth most integrated marketing plans provide. While not every suggested tactic results in direct selling of organic landscaping services, they all work in tandem to achieve this very goal. The best integrated marketing plans start by understanding the target audience while expanding in harmony to implement the methods and messaging that will appeal most to a business’ prospective customers.