Facebook Marketing for Business

If you are a business that’s promoting a product or service to consumers, then Facebook is one of the many social media platforms you need to be on. Did you know that today, over 47% of people are spending even more time on social media networks, like Facebook? Are you missing out on a huge audience that engages daily on Facebook, Twitter, or another popular social network?

Social marketing involves much more than capturing “Likes” or broadcasting one-ended content. The core of any successful social media program is in the development of real engagement and relationship building. Communication should inspire online conversations and include target audiences while enticing participation through offers of exclusive discounts, information, and content.

Just like any website, it’s also important for a business Facebook page to be optimized according to search marketing best practices. A savvy business owner needs to be mindful of the best search terms for their areas of business interest and actively work to integrate and share this information within every promotional communication. This includes print advertising, direct mailings, mass email campaigns, and even signage within a storefront.

Content development for Facebook consists of a mixture of text-based posts, open-ended questions, and visual content that offers benefits addressing business’ target audiences along with their needs and competitive advantages. Posting needs to be regular and ongoing, while working hard to ensure that each update entices customers and prospects to actively participate in a brand’s daily conversations. Furthermore, emerging loyal followers should be rewarded with extra communication and shout-outs to show appreciation for these unique brand ambassadors.

If you’re searching for social media experts who understand how to establish a thriving Facebook presence, Moore Than SEO provides the discipline, creativity, and professionalism today’s businesses need to make this a reality. We examine every client’s business objectives and needs individually to develop a unique program with a customized content development strategy that helps to communicate critical advantages that emotionally connect with target audiences. If you’re looking for authentic, professional postings that include a combination of text and visual content, Moore Than SEO has the experience and background to deliver a successful program that increases store traffic, website visitors, and ultimately improve sales.