Moore Than SEO Provides The Tools for Successful Video Marketing

Make video marketing your hottest strategy!

Digital video marketing is as ubiquitous as website marketing, plain and simple. Your competition leaves you in the dust when you don’t have a website, and the same can be said when you integrate video marketing into marketing mix.

Videos help your customers find you easily—Four times the number of consumers would rather watch a video than read about the same information. In fact, 25% of consumers lose interest in a company that doesn’t have any videos. No wonder customers that watch a video are more likely to make a purchase than when no video is present (Source:

The mobile trend—customers favoring digital devices over traditional desktops—accelerated the interest in viewing videos. Fully 50% of all videos are played on mobile devices, according to the Global Video Index Q2 2016. These mobile customers are demanding video content, too, as almost 75% of all Internet traffic is composed of video content today.

The demand for video is here, and it’s backed by science: Our brains remember 80% of what see and do, 20% of what is read, and just 10% of what is heard.

Adding video marketing to your overall content strategy gives you the ability to edge out your competition. But your videos must be professionally produced, in keeping with your marketing goals, to produce profitable results.

Here at Moore Than SEO, we partner with local video talent to facilitate & provide you the video services that make your company a stand out – while maintaining consistency for your brand image:

• Social Media Videos

As Facebook says, “Videos provide a richer storytelling format for advertisers.” And videos are not just for Facebook, either. Engage with all of your online fans by posting videos on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course, YouTube. Here at Moore Than SEO, we’ll help you determine the best social media platforms according to your target audience demographics.

• Full Production Commercials

They aren’t just for TV anymore. They can spice up your own website and add interest on other websites, in pop-ups, and more. Moore Than SEO assists you with ideas for interactive elements that boost sales.

• Capabilities Videos

Show off what your company does, instead of simply telling viewers what you sell. These polished videos give viewers a glimpse of your core values. Our SEO experts match the storytelling of these values with your marketing goals. The end result: A stronger brand reputation.

• Educational Videos

These “video demos” help a customer understand why they need your products and services. By demonstrating ease-of-use and addressing common questions, educational videos strengthen customer loyalty and attract new buyers to your brand.

Whether you need small 15-20 second videos for social media marketing, Facebook/Instagram advertising, or a full-blown production video for commercial advertising, we’re here to help. Speak with our video content marketing experts at (559) 978-4096 or drop us a quick line to make a successful splash into video marketing.

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