Video Content Provides Mass Appeal

For more than YouTube...

Did you know that video content is one of the most preferred forms of content available online today – save for visuals like detailed infographics and humorous memes? Despite the benefit of website pages, articles and other text-based content, the power of the video to capture interest, explain complex processes, and generate brand excitement is unparalleled. Furthermore, many business marketers have discovered that YouTube videos provide benefits that far exceed their use in YouTube alone. In fact, many of these videos have great potential for driving new and returning traffic to business and individual websites when shared on the full range of social media networks.

If you’re new to the world of YouTube marketing, the most important caveat to take away from this discussion is the fact that information on nearly any subject is likely available on this highly popular network. Videos detailing everything from gardening to recipes to SEO to sales techniques, scientific processes and more are available for viewing here. If you own a business and don’t possess a YouTube account, it’s time to begin thinking of how to take advantage of this thriving online community.

Start small by building video into your current business practices. Most of us know to take and share photos on our websites, but consider the benefits of a series of brief videos featuring a valuable product or service. Highlight the key benefits for target audiences and emphasize these in your video content development. Consider creating videos of presentations, tradeshow demonstrations, even candid discussions by business leaders within your organization.

It’s easy to monetize a YouTube account by turning on AdSense within a user account. This enables a user to strategically specify the types of ads placed within video content using relevant keywords. The more views a video receives the more potential is generated for AdSense income. Learn more on monetization by searching for this topic within the YouTube network.

Remember to integrate beneficial SEO keywords when uploading a new video and take the time to optimize your business profile to suit the industries and audiences you actively engage with.  Whether or not a business chooses to monetize their account, there are numerous benefits to actively participating in this hugely popular social community. If you’re looking for assistance in navigating social marketing strategies, contact us for a personalized plan designed to help your business grow and thrive.