Bitwise Industries | Social Media Management

Our approach to the Bitwise Industries brand began with a strong content marketing strategy with a continuous stream of engaging and meaningful content. We covered their big events and crafted social media magic to elevate overall reach and interaction with a wide range of their brand entities. We started working with Bitwise Industries on the ground floor when they were preparing to open their state-of-the-art Downtown Fresno tech campus. They came to us with a vision: To be the groundbreaking economic engine that fuels job creation for the tech revolution in the Central Valley. We jumped on board and even opened our new office in their Bitwise South Stadium building to have our fingers on the pulse of the action.

We’ve helped Bitwise Industries realize their goals of teaching people how to code and use local talent to build innovative software. They are all about empowering future generations of tech leaders in the Central Valley. To this end, they established Geekwise Academy (providing tech education), Shift3 Technologies (executing technology), and The Hashtag (the place to empower emerging tech experts).

Since the opening of Bitwise Industries in 2015, they’ve schooled over 3,000 students on technology and coding. They boast a 200-seat theater and community functions, creating a gathering hotspot for the movers and shakers of the worldwide tech industry. They’ve garnered notoriety in The Atlantic, Cougar’s Growl, and every publication in between.

The Results: How did we go about helping to put Bitwise Industry on the map for tech education, innovation, and collaboration in Fresno? Here at Moore Than SEO, we pulled out all the stops to see Bitwise Industries succeed, for their good and for the good of our local community.

Take a look at our continuing successes for building the online community for this Central Valley tech thought leader (results gained from just over 24 months of our partnership with Bitwise Industries):

  • From 6,490 social followers to 15, 983 in less than 2 years
  • Regularly reach over 20,000+ monthly on social media - all ORGANIC - no paid advertising for this account
  • Has become the thought leader in tech throughout Central Valley
  • Continues to expand vision & revitalization downtown
  • Forming co-marketing relationships throughout Central Valley
  • Getting noticed outside California (i.e. The Atlantic has written 2 articles about Bitwise in past year and a half
  • Facebook events regularly reach 11,000+ locals

Learn more about Bitwise Industries at . Then give us a call at 559-978-4096, or drop us a line, at to find out how we can put your company on the map.

Project Details

  • Strategy & Creative: Chris & Shel Moore
  • Project: Social Media, Copywriting
  • Client: Bitwise Industries