Clovis Chamber | ClovisFest Promotion

How much difference can one weekend make for generating social media buzz that provides extensive dividends? More than you might imagine!

In 2015, Moore Than SEO worked with the Clovis Chamber of Commerce to boost ClovisFest interest and involvement for the second year. We created the #CLOVISFEST15 hashtag for more concentrated promotion and worked hard to encourage the individual vendors to participate in the social media blitz by sharing their ClovisFest photos, videos, comments, and experiences. In turn, the Clovis Chamber shared these posts - increasing the overall reach of vendors exponentially at no additional cost! What resulted was social media engagement surrounding this event reaching record-breaking numbers!

  • ClovisFest Facebook pages stats yielded an increase of 1,731% in reach/engagement
  • Website traffic increased 500%
  • ClovisFest Facebook page reached over 150,000
  • Official ClovisFest Facebook event reached over 438,000 locals with 11,000+ actively engaged and interacting

The campaign was an amazing success that substantially increased followers of both the ClovisFest and Clovis Chamber Facebook pages. Additionally, the social signals created during this weekend resulted in a 500% increase in website visits proving that social media has the potential to expose any business to new prospects in the Clovis & Fresno markets and beyond.

Project Details

  • Strategy & Design : Chris & Shel Moore
  • Photo : Shel Moore
  • Project : ClovisFest Event Promotion
  • Client : Clovis Chamber of Commerce